Welcome to the ultimate
art of entertainment and cuisine!

Musicians, acrobats, dancers, aerial artists
and comedy actors from around the world, together with gourmet chefs, create an amusing mix and make a big effort
so that you enjoy your meal.

Mister Bo

Vladislav Bond is one of the world’s foremost artist, internationally recognized for his skillful routines and his visually captivating performances. The combination of his quirky humor, peculiar choreography, unusual equipment together with unique technical skills, reserved for the best in the business,Vladislav’s spectacular performance are truly original piece of modern art with respect to the greatest circus traditions.

“Mister Bo De L’aventure” — taking the audience through an unpredictable journey of a charming adventurer to an awakening dream of unfolding possibilities. During his impressive career he has past through the best world stages, famous TV shows, biggest International Circus Festivals in Monte-Carlo, Paris and Tokyo.

Zhao Kun

A bright representative of traditional Chinese circus art. Graduated from world famous Dalian Art School, Kun performed on the best European and Asian stages during the many years of her successful career.

A charming and gentle actress, she performs the most complicated tricks with improbable ease and elegance. Zhao Kun adds a true taste of Asia to our traditional European show.


A freak by nature and an intellectual in the life, Andrea can make even clowns laugh. His performing style is a ‘slap in the face’ of glamourous society. The tragicomedy style of his performance forces you to reflect on what are you laughing at.

A strong and powerful character that becomes tender and defenseless in simple real life situations. One of the “crazy team” of our restaurant “under control”, Andrea will provoke you all evening.

Mambo Jambo

An intoxicating demonstration by these “power artists” from Africa, which embraces acrobatic performances, limbo dancing, fire tricks and chair balancing acts that will captivate you from start to finish. A true example of street performance, Mambo Jambo bring an impressive depth to Palazzo’s multi-cultural fusion of complementary entertainment.

Palazzo Band

Our eccentric international band consist of professional and highly experienced musicians. Their broad repertoire range from Jazz and Dixieland to Swing, Latin and Classical! It lets you forget everyday life for a couple of hours. Get listen but not only! Bright images of “creasy chef” (drums player) and “electrician staff” (guitar player) will guide you with fun and eccentric thru all show from the beginning to the finale.

Thai Traditional Dance

Splendid performance of “Rak Thai” is unforgettable fusion of unusual plastics inspired stories framed in rich and elaborate embroidered costumes.

The colorful Thai beauty will meet you at the Palazzo and will continue to gladden the eye with their beauty and grace throughout the show.